Marketing and Communications Dashboards

You won’t waste time educating us on the specifics of your industry: we already understand your terminology. With fifteen years’ expertise in Business Intelligence, Inchartis create insightful, data dashboards to performing arts organisations.

We listen to your specific requirements and craft a bespoke time saving reporting platform that will allow you a single point of insight, crucial for any successful marketing campaign.  For example, we can join up data from email automation, web traffic tracking, Google Analytics, ticket sales and paid banner advertising, to solve your headaches.  This allows you to focus on campaigns and communications without the data holding you back.

Sending out customer satisfaction or post visit surveys; measuring your Net Promoter Score (NPS); and gathering feedback from audience members are all critical for identifying demographics and segmenting your customers, but the amount of data you have can become overwhelming.  Intelligent decision making is hindered when the information is all in different places.

Time is often wasted with processing data.  Frequent crashes occur because swathes of data draining your PC’s resources.  To revolutionise these time consuming problems we analyse and explore all your existing systems and recommend the most appropriate software.

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“Working at the National Theatre can be challenging, due to our tight budgets and big ambitions – Inchartis’ flexible and accommodating approach has been of great value.”

Rishi Coupland

Head of Data Intelligence, National Theatre

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